Home Screen: Action Bar

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Action Bar

The Action Bar on the Smokeball Home Screen is your starting point for creating new matters. There are some additional actions available on the action bar, but the best practice will be to utilize those items when working in an individual matter.

How to Select an Action:

  1. On the top of the Smokeball Home Screen, select your desired action

  • (2) New Contact: Create a new contact and details. Note: when creating a new contact from the home screen, that contact is not associated with a matter. The best practice is to create the contact from a matter.

  • (3) Event: Create a new calendar event. Make sure you associate the calendar event with a specific client matter (if applicable). Your Smokeball Calendar will sync with Outlook. 

  • (4) Task: Create a task

  • (5) Message: Take down a phone message to create a task for someone to call the party back. Messages will appear on the Daily Digest

  • (6) Activity: Record an activity that is outside of a matter. Activity Intelligence automatically records every document, email, memo, event you create through Smokeball.

Did you know…

  • Every matter has a slightly different version of the Action Bar. In later lessons, we’ll explore what you can do with this action bar.

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