Home Screen: File Menu

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File Menu

Located in the top left corner of the program, the Smokeball File Menu gives you quick access to:

  • Export to CSV: Export a list of your matters to a CSV file
  • Smokeball SettingsConfigure Smokeball's settings including updating firm and user info, letterheads, creating default folders, setting up workflows, etc.
  • Help and Support: Open up support.smokeball.com. The Support tab has general support info.
  • Reset Password: Receive a link in your email to reset your password
  • Apply Updates: If an update is available, you can apply updates. You will need to have Word and Outlook closed when downloading the update.
  • Logout: Log out of Smokeball. Word and Outlook will need to be closed to successfully log out.
  • Exit: Close Smokeball

Did you know…

  • If there is a new update and version of Smokeball, you will be prompted to download the new version and update when opening Smokeball.
  • You can export to a CSV and convert to an excel file in other areas of Smokeball.
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