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Create a New a Matter

A Matter is an digital copy of your paper file that allows you to store all related data, documents, emails, tasks, and other documentation in one place for easy access. The best way to think of a matter is to think of everything that would normally go into a paper file will exist in a matter except you will have access to it from anywhere. 

One of the best parts about Smokeball is that depending on your area of law and jurisdiction, the Matter Details will look different. Once you open a new matter, you can begin entering important details immediately. Since the information fields are matter specific, you can add exactly what you need for any given matter.

How to Add a New Matter:

  1. Click New Matter from the Home Screen: Action Bar.


    2. Create your matter and select next on the bottom right.

  • (1) Select State (if applicable)
  • (2) Choose your desired matter type
  • (3) Choose who you are representing (if applicable)

3. Enter in the Matter Details to create the matter

Not all the matter details need to be entered in immediately. The minimum amount of info to enter in to create a matter.

  • Enter Attorney Responsible under "Matter Info"
  • Enter your client's name (phone number, address, email, etc. can be entered later)
  • Enter other side (if applicable)

Did you know…

  • You can create matter type favorites

  • Our team of legal professionals work with our clients to make sure our matters work for their area of law and jurisdiction. Smokeball creates new matter types by request. Talk to your account manager and request a new matter type if you need a different matter type. 
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