Form/Letter Library

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Form/Letter Library

Smokeball's form/letter library is a place to find all your templated letters and court and authority forms. Whether you’re drafting a document of your own design or Smokeball's robust library of court and authority forms, our form and letter library allows you to find a document quickly and easily automate the important details.

How to Access Documents in the Form/Letter Library:

  1. From a Matter, click the Form/Letter button on the Action Bar

     2. Browse the form library

  • (1) Smokeball will open to a default folder based on the matter you are working in
  • (2) Court & Authority forms are available at the bottom. You can always add the form to your favorites in a default folder
  • (3) Favorited forms and letters under a default folder. *Note: You will also see the letters and templates submitted during your onboarding prcess in this area. If you can't find them, Search for an appropriate file or check a "Favorites" folder.
  • (4) Search for a specific form by form name, number, or description. *Note: this search needs to be very specific and the search text needs to match the form exactly

Did you know…

  • If prompted to use an updated form, always choose to use "author's update." If you have modified a Smokeball created form and want to keep your changes, do not use the "author's update." Before updating, you can view the changes.

  • You can add additional folders to better organize important forms and have them readily accessible to use.

  • You can Add Shortcuts for court and authority forms to your folders to save time from searching or looking in the court and authority forms

  • You can Search for a specific form in the search bar on the top right
  • Your letter and other templates you submitted for Smokeball to automate as part of your initial onboarding process are also located in the default folders. If you cannot find a specific template, get in touch with our help desk, your account manager, or check the "Favorites" folder in your Form/Letter Library.
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