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What's Next?

Next Step is used to track the most important upcoming task in your matter. To ensure you are never miss an important step for your client, make sure every one of you matters has a next step.

You can select an existing task or create a task from a next step widget. See Create a Task for more information on how to create single tasks.

How to Create a Next Step:

  1. Locate the "Next Step" box in the top right corner of the matter you are working on.


    2. Under NEXT STEP, enter the desired text in the dialog box.

    3. Select a due date from the calendar or drop down menu and assign the task to the desired staff member



Did you know…

  • You can use existing tasks created for the next step


  • A column for “Next steps due on” for all your matters appears on the Smokeball Home Screen Matter Area.

  • You can run the report “Matter – Next Steps” in the Reports area for a breakdown of all Next Step details, including client, matter type, and staff member assigned.
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