Widgets: Upcoming Events

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Widgets: Upcoming Events

With Upcoming Events, you can easily manage your calendar on an individual matter level. Your next upcoming calendar items are clearly displayed on the right hand side of a matter. You can also add events— with reminders— as well.

How to Add an Event:

1. Under UPCOMING EVENTS, click Add an event 

  • Enter the event title, location, start and end times, and other event details
  • Add attendees to add the event to other firm members’ calendars.

2. Click Save. Your next upcoming event will appear on the matter.

Did you know…

  • Every Matter has an events tab that allows you to view all events completed and all upcoming events related to an individual matter. Select the Events tab at the top of a matter or select "all events on the right hand side to see all events.

  •  You can choose to hide or rearrange widgets from a matter

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