Default Re: Lines

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Matter Configuration: RE: Lines

If you regularly use the same format for the re: lines for your firms email communications, you can create matter type-specific ones in Smokeball that will appear every time you draft an applicable document and email. You will need to be in your Matter Configuration settings to create defaults.

How to Create a Default Matter Type-Specific Re: Line

  1. Navigate to the RE:LINES tab when adding a new Matter Configuration
  • (1) Search for the specific field(s) you want inserted into the regarding line
  • (2) Select Insert to add the text
  • (3) You can add additional information or edit the text by working in the body of the tab

2. Click Save.

Did you know…

  • To override a matter type Re: Line for a specific matter, click Override in the Matter Details Re: Line dialog box and enter your desired Re: Line.


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