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Matter Configuration: Tags

Matter tags are used a variety of different ways from firm to firm. Talk with your account manager or trainer for ideas on how to set up tags for your firm.

For example: Personal Injury and Worker’s Comp might have tags like “Still Treating”, “Demand Sent”, “In Settlement”, “All Medical Records Received”.  Family law matters might have tags for “No Minor Children”, “Support”, “Visitation”.  Business matters could have tags set up for the month that the Annual Reports are Due.  

How to Create a Default Matter Tag(s)

1. On the TAGS tab

  • (1) Enter the tag name
  • (2) Add A Desired Color
  • (3) Add Tag

2. Click Save

Did you know...

  • You can add additional tags to matters if a default is not set or an additional tag is needed at a later date


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