E-File: Relevant URLs and Publish Online


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Matter Configuration: Relevant URLs and Publish Online

If you find yourself continually uploading files to specific websites— e-filing legal documents on court sites, perhaps— you can save these website URLs in Smokeball for quick access. Once the URL is saved, you can right-click any document in Smokeball, select "Publish Online," to upload it to that site.

How to Create Relevant URLs

1. Navigate to the Relevant URL tab in Matter Configuration

  • (1) Enter the Name
  • (2) Enter the URL of the website. Best practice is to copy and paste it from your browser
  • (2) Click Add

2. Click Save.

3. To upload a document online, right click on the document in the individual matter and select "Publish Online." You can then follow the website's prompts to upload the document

4. Follow the log in steps of the website. When you get to the page where you upload the document, right click to paste or hit "control v" to paste the string and upload the document.

Did you know…

  • Documents that you publish online through Smokeball are saved locally to your computer in the Documents>Smokeball>_Lodgements folder.
  • Clicking Publish Online adds the document to your clipboard, so be sure to upload it before copying anything else; otherwise, you will have to re-publish the document.
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