Template Creation Basics

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Creating Templates

Template creation begins in the applicable matter’s Form/Letter Library, where your Smokeball document templates are stored. Before Smokeball, you probably had to remember the last time you used a particular type of document, search for it in your client files, and create a copy to edit. Now, once you create your template, you’ll be able to find it easily and use it for the current matter, as well as all future ones.

If you find yourself generating a document outside of Smokeball, create a quick template for easier access from the Forms/Templates Library. You can create a quick template from Word on the Smokeball Ribbon.

Document Assembly: How to Create a Template from an Existing Document:

1. In your open matter, click the Form/Letter icon in the Action Bar.

2. Click Add a form/letter.

3. Add Form/Letter

  • (1) Click Browse for an Existing Document if uploading an existing document and click Browse or Create a new template from a blank document. Automation 101 walks through how to create a template from an existing document.
  • (2) Name the document
  • (3) Choose a container type from the Container dropdown menu and change location (if applicable)
  • Click Create.

4. Use Smokeball's Automation Toolbar in Word to create your template.

5. Select Save & Close to save your template

Did you know…

  • To Modify a Template, Right Click

  • As part of your onboarding process, Smokeball will automate 10 of your templates for you. We will also teach you how to automate your own documents in your initial onboarding and provide refresher training later on. Talk to your account manager about setting up an automation training.
  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of court and authority forms for you as part of your subscription. Note: Depending on how many court and authority forms are submitted, the turn around to publish those forms may vary.
  • You can also have Smokeball automate additional forms for you for a fee.
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