Automation Toolbar

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Automation Toolbar

Once you’ve created your new template in the Form/Letter Library, the document will open automatically in Microsoft Word, with Smokeball’s Automation Toolbar appearing vertically on the right. The toolbar is used to create field insertions and other automated components of your document template.

Automation Toolbar:

1. Automation Toolbar Basics


2. Toolbar Options

  • (1) Field allows you to insert data directly from Smokeball Matter Details into your template
  • (2) Ask allows you to insert a field of your own creation into the template
  • (3) If/Then/Else allows you to create conditional statements based on any Field or Ask

3. Show Values or Show Fields in Documents

Did you know...

  • As part of your onboarding process, Smokeball will automate 10 of your templates for you. We will also teach you how to automate your own documents in your initial onboarding and provide refresher training later on. Talk to your account manager about setting up an automation training.
  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of court and authority forms for you as part of your subscription. Note: Depending on how many court and authority forms are submitted, the turn around to publish those forms may vary.
  • You can also have Smokeball automate additional forms for you for a fee.
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