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Automation: Ask

The Ask feature is used to create a data field in your template for information not contained in your Smokeball Matter Details by "Asking" a question (For example: a client owes any outstanding fees, a specific hearing date/time, or any other information you want to insert into a form or letter).

The Automation Toolbar allows you add Asks to a document.

How to add an Ask:

1. From the Automation Toolbar:

  • (1) Navigate to "Ask" and Select "Add"
  • (2) Enter the details including Field Name, Question, and Answer Type. Note: There are multiple options for how the answer will be formatted.
  • Create the Ask

2. Insert the Ask into the template

  • (1) Highlight where you want the automated ask to appear in the template
  • (2) Select the specific ask
  • (3) Double Click or select Insert

3. Every time you create a document with the template, your Ask will pop up before completing automation

Did you know…

  • You can create If/Then/Else statements based off an Ask
  • You can add basic field insertions for anything that is entered into the Matter Details
  • You can switch between showing the values and fields in your document


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