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Smokeball Tasks allow you to generate lists of to-do's to insure you never miss an important step. Tasks can be assigned to specific staff members and given due dates, creating firm wide accountability. If you have a series of tasks that repeat over and over every time you open a matter or work on a specific type of matter, see Workflows for how you can make tasks even more powerful for your practice.

How to Add a Task:

  1. Within a matter, click Task located on the Action Bar (located on the top left of the matter)


    2. Fill out:

     - Name of the Task: what you need to get done

     - Assigned to: Select an alternate staff member (if necessary)

     - Categories (optional): You can create custom categories for your tasks

     - Due: Select a due date

     - Matter: the matter the task relevant for (if no matter is listed, you can tag a specific matter)

     - Details (optional): Any specific notes you want to leave yourself about the task

     - Checklist and Comments (optional): On the right side of a task, you can add a checklist of sub-task or additional comments

3. Click Save.

Once you’ve created a task, it can be viewed from the Smokeball Task Area, Daily Digest, and within the Matter.


Did you know…

  • Matter specific tasks can be viewed in an individual matter's Task tab

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