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Tasks View

The Tasks View allows you to see all your tasks and/or all tasks for your firm. You can also see previously completed tasks or any tasks that haven't been assigned a due date. If desired, you can sort tasks by categories to narrow down what needs to be done. 

How to access the task area:

  1. Navigate to the Task View. *Note: You can assign a task from the home screen by clicking on "task" on the action bar or the "+" sign on your Daily Digest.

    2. In the task area, you can:

     - (1) View tasks for "all staff" or individual firm members. If anyone is suddenly out of the office, it is very easy to pick up exactly where they left off on all their tasks

     - (2) Categories (optional): You can create set categories to help organize the types of tasks. For example: all tasks associated with your intake process could be categorized as "intake"

     - (3) Complete tasks by checking them off or navigate to each matter

    3. Create a quick task

     - (1) Name the task

     - (2) *Search for appropriate matter  *Selecting a a matter is optional, but always recommended unless a task is not associated with a client file

     - (3) Select a due date

     - (4) Assign staff member

     - (5) create task


Did you know…

  • You can export individual staff tasks or all staff tasks from the task area to a CSV file

  • To see tasks related to only one individual matter. Within a matter, click on the task tab.*Note: Overdue tasks will turn red

  • (1) To do are tasks that are due today with red tasks being overdue. (2) Completed are tasks that have been completed. (3) Due date incomplete shows tasks that have been created, but it’s critical date have not been set

  • To delete a category, click the "x" that appears when hovering next to a category


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