The August 2016 Smokeball Version Release contains several feature refinements and improves the usability and performance of the Matter List. If you have questions about this release, please contact your Account Manager or the Smokeball Helpdesk by submitting a ticket to or calling (855) 688-3207.

Matter List Optimization

The Smokeball Matter List has been optimized to compile more efficiently and effectively. This optimization can be seen on the Smokeball Main Matter screen, Smokeball Outlook Toolbar, and Smokeball Word Toolbar.

Export Tasks and Workflows

You can now export Tasks and Workflows to a CSV file allowing users to view and print the CSV file.

Ability to View Deleted Calendar events

The Smokeball Calendar now has the capability to display deleted calendar events. Just right click in your Smokeball Calendar and select “Show Deleted”. To hide the deleted calendar events, right click in your Smokeball Calendar and select “Hide Deleted”.

Refinements Completed

  • Calendar will sync when Outlook is closed
  • Staff boxes on the Smokeball Calendar will shrink to accommodate multiple staff members
  • Select a Matter window appears when saving from an Excel document to Smokeball via the Smokeball Save As button
  • Excel documents may be saved in the Form/Letter Library
  • Smokeball Envelopes button allows you to create an envelope regardless of whether the address is highlighted or automated
  • Former Staff Members no longer appear when sending an email
  • Incorrect staff initials on documents issue fixed
  • State defaults to the state of the firm, not Illinois, when creating or changing a Matter Configuration, Matter, or Workflow
  • Daily Digest and Calendar Sync settings buttons becoming un-checked issue fixed
  • When scanning, the Scan process will now automatically close after scanning has been completed
  • Upgraded document search processor to handle all file types
  • Added Registration Number & Authority fields to Advanced Person layout
  • Smokeball Outlook Toolbar optimized to autocomplete Matter lookup functionality
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