Smokeball Training 1

Smokeball Training 1

During your first Smokeball training, you will learn the basics of:

  • How to navigate Smokeball
  • How to enter a matter including importing existing files or folders
  • How to create basic letters, forms, and how to save emails

There may be additional topics covered. Below are videos of the concepts reviewed during training one. Scroll down to the bottom for a full training 1 video.

Basic Navigation: Basic Home Screen Navigation

Matters: Basic navigation of a matter. How to create and enter basic info into a matter to be able to import documents and folders

Importing Documents and Folders: How to import files and folders into an open Smokeball matter

Form/Letter Library: Basic navigation of the form/letter library. See other Form/Letter Library Articles for how to search, create shortcuts, and add your own templates to Smokeball.

Create a PDF: Create individual PDFs or combine multiple files into one PDF

Internal Reference: How to set up an auto counter for internal filing number

Contacts Best Practices: Helpful tips of how to enter contacts into Smokeball

Email Basics: How to send and save emails to a matter using Smokeball's Outlook integration

Mobile App Basics: Basic navigation of the mobile app. See other guides for additional mobile app videos.

Smokeball Settings: How to navigate through the Smokeball Settings.

Smokeball Training 1: Full video review of Smokeball Training 1




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