Syncing Your Outlook Calendar to Your Smokeball Calendar


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Smokeball Settings: Outlook & Notifications

Smokeball's calendar syncs ways with Outlook. Any calendar event created in Smokeball will appear Outlook, and every event created in Outlook will appear in Smokeball. To enable your calendar sync and receive your Daily Digest in your email. Use the Outlook & Notifications settings.

1. Navigate to Outlook & Notifications settings in Smokeball

  • (1) Send yourself your daily digest now or subsbcribe to receive it daily
  • (2) Force Email Allocation: When you send an email outside of Smokeball from outlook, you will be prompted to always associate a matter
  • (3) Calendar Sync: Enable Calendar Sync and Select the appropriate calendar.

2. Select "Refresh Calendar List" if the desired calendar does not refresh

Did you know...

  • You can set up group calendars in Smokeball. For example: Court Date group calendar, Real Estate Closing Dates group calendar
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