Mobile App - Daily Digest

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Mobile App - Daily Digest

The mobile app is a great resource to have access to all your matters on the go. When you open up your mobile app, the first thing you see is your Daily Digest. This is the same Daily Digest that appears on the Smokeball Home Screen. Anything you add on the mobile app Daily Digest will sync with your computer Daily Digest of Smokeball real time.

From the Mobile App - Daily Digest you can see phone messages, calendar events, and tasks. You can create calendar events and tasks directly from the app as well.

Open Mobile App - Daily Digest:

1. Review your Daily Digest

  • (1) Review Phone Messages and Call/Text Contacts back
  • (2) Review the day's calendar events and add events
  • (3) Review and complete today's tasks and add additional tasks


2. Quickly add Calendar Events or Tasks



Did you know...

  • Since all your contacts are in Smokeball, you do not need to store contacts directly on your phone. The Smokeball Mobile App allows you to call, text, email, and even pull up addresses on your Map app on your phone.
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