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A Matter in Smokeball (or Digital File) is a one place to enter information and reference anything in regards to a specific matter. Matters include everything that typically would have been in a paper file, but gives you a digital format that you or anyone in your firm can access from anywhere at anytime.

The Matter will be your home to create documents/emails, store important matter information, see upcoming calendar events, and complete important tasks.

Basic Matter Navigation:

  • (1) Matter Tabs: Additional "Areas" to view Settings, Emails, Events, Tasks, and Activity on an individual Matter level
  • (2) Matter Action Bar: Toolbar to create documents, emails, memos, adding files to Smokeball, calendar events, tasks, and phone messages
  • (3) Matter Details: All important information related to a matter including basic info, contact info, case details, etc. This information may vary from matter to matter due to how specific Smokeball is to different areas of law and jurisdictions
  • (4) Documents & Emails: Documents, Emails, PDFs and any folders created to help organize documents & emails in Smokeball
  • (5) Widgets: Next Step (upcoming task), Contact Details, Calendar Event, Notes

Did you know...

  • You can hide or change the order of the Widgets from the matter 

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