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A Matter in Smokeball (or Digital File) is a one place to enter information and reference anything in regards to a specific matter. Matters include everything that typically would have been in a paper file, but gives you a digital format that you or anyone in your firm can access from anywhere at anytime.

The Matter will be your home to create documents/emails, store important matter information, see upcoming calendar events, and complete important tasks.

Basic Matter Navigation:

  • (1) Matter Tabs: Additional "Areas" to view Settings, Emails, Events, Tasks, and Activity on an individual Matter level
  • (2) Matter Action Bar: Toolbar to create documents, emails, memos, adding files to Smokeball, calendar events, tasks, and phone messages
  • (3) Matter Details: All important information related to a matter including basic info, contact info, case details, etc. This information may vary from matter to matter due to how specific Smokeball is to different areas of law and jurisdictions
  • (4) Documents & Emails: Documents, Emails, PDFs and any folders created to help organize documents & emails in Smokeball
  • (5) Widgets: Next Step (upcoming task), Contact Details, Calendar Event, Notes

  • Did you know…

    • You can create Matter Type Favorites

    • Our team of legal professionals work with our clients to make sure our matters work for their area of law and jurisdiction. Smokeball creates new matter types by request. Talk to your account manager and request a new matter type if you need a different matter type. 
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