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Activity Intelligence is a very unique and helpful productivity and business analytic tool.

Activity Intelligence allows you to show a client everything completed over time or a custom date range for them, have an itemized list of completed activities to make sure everything properly gets bill, or as a business analytic tool to know how much work you are completing for your rate or if staff is over/under utilized.

Activity Intelligence:

1. Navigate to the Ai View from the Smokeball: Home Screen.

  • (1) Add an Activity, Print Activity, or Export Activity to CSV
  • (2) Select Month/Date Range
  • (3) Select to see a specific staff member or all staff
  • (4) Hover mouse over timeline for additional info on a particular day
  • (5) Add or Change Duration


2. Open a matter by clicking the hyperlink. Each Matter has an activity tab as well.


Did you know...

  • If not all your activity is listed, "refresh" to update the activity


  • You can create additional activities that aren't already tracked by entering a separate activity


  • You can choose to print with the timeline chart or without


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