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Smokeball Settings: Automation Settings

Automation Settings allows you to add basic settings that will come into play when automating documents in Smokeball.

1. Navigate to "Automation Settings" in Smokeball Settings

  • Ask a reason for when a form/letter is added or modified
  • Add electronic service by Email or fax
  • (1) Choose to refer to you firm as "I" or "We" for letters and other documents
  • (2) Choose to input your firm name or attorney responsible name in court captions
  • (3) Choose to refer to your client by their name or role in court captions

Did you know...

  • Automation is a very powerful tool and Smokeball can allow you to automate basic letters to advanced court forms. As part of your training and onboarding process, we set up some documents for you and additionally teach you how to automate your own forms. See Template Creation Basics to get started automating documents on your own.
  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amount of court and authority forms. If you are using a court form that is pulled from a website, send that over to your account manager or submit a ticket so we can automate that form for you.
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