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A Workflow is a series of tasks. Workflows help eliminate extra admin work by allowing you to automatically designate tasks that happen for every matter. The best way to think about what workflows to set up for your practice is to think about what areas of your current process that are repetitive. If you are completing the same "to-do's" for every client or specific matter type, it's best to set up a workflow. 

Workflows not only help you stay organized and save time in designating routine tasks, but ultimately allow you to provide better client service. See Apply a Workflow on how to apply an already created workflow.

How to Create a Workflow:

  1. On the top left hand part of the Smokeball Home screen, navigate to the Workflows in Smokeball's settings.


2. On the Workflows tab, click Add new 


3. Initial set up of the workflow:

- (1) Enter a name for the Workflow

- (2) Designate the matter type(s) that will be relevant to the matter

- (3) Choose to apply the workflow automatically to the matters. This option is helpful if you have recurring tasks that apply to every type of matter or every client. Note: You can choose to apply a workflow to matters later on. See Apply a Workflow for more information.


4. Create your Workflow. Workflows can be created in chronological order or working back from an important due date. Note: The workflow below shows an example of working back from an important due date of filing a motion. Watch the video above to see a video of a workflow being set up in chronological order.

- 1. Select New Task:

(1) Enter Name

(2) Select a Due Date (if applicable, this date can be entered in when working on your matter)

(3) Assign the task

(4) create a category (optional) 

(5) Add additional details (optional) 

(6) Enter estimated duration to complete the task (optional)

(7) Add a checklist of sub tasks or additional items needed to complete this task (optional)

- 2. Follow steps above for the next tasks related to this workflow. *Note: I can create a due date based on when I need to complete another task already entered for this workflow

- 3. Once all tasks are entered, select Save and Close" to complete the workflow


Did you know...

  • You can reorder the tasks by selecting the task and using the up/down arrows.

  • You can duplicate, delete, and export a workflow by right clicking on the individual workflow


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