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Smokeball Settings: Add or Edit Staff & Users

Staff & Users in Smokeball Settings allows you to add new users and edit the information of existing users in your firm

1. In Smokeball Settings, navigate to "Staff & Users." To add a new user, select "Add New" and enter details. 

  • The email address provided will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the account
    • Our team will be prompted to add the user to your firm and add a user for billing. 
    • The user will receive an automated email to install and create a password for Smokeball. 
    • An automated message will be generated once install is complete and user added to billing.

If you have questions on how to add a user, reach out to your account manager or give the help desk a call.

2. To Edit an existing staff member, click on the staff member's name

  • (1) Enter basic info including name, initials, phone number, email, and role
  • (2) Add attorney numbers (if applicable)
  • (3) Add a picture (optional)


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