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Smokeball Settings: Form Suites

One of the most powerful tools in Smokeball is being able to automate court and authority forms quickly and accurately. Smokeball is full of prescribed forms for various states. In order to utilize our form library, you will need to subscribe to appropriate form suites. 

1. Navigate to Form Suites within Smokeball Settings

2. To subscribe to a form suite:

  • (1) Select the appropriate State
  • (2) Subscribe and "Accept All Changes"
  • (3) Save *Note: It may take some time to download specific form suites. Keep Smokeball open to allow it to download the newly subscribed form suites.


Did you know...

  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amount of court and authority forms. If you are using a court form that is pulled from a website, send the form over to your account manager or submit a ticket so we can automate those forms for you.
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