Data Backup


Smokeball Settings: Data Backup

**Talk to your Account Manager or Call Our Help Desk Before Using This Feature**

Your Smokeball matters, client info, and documents are securely stored and backed up. If at any point, you wanted to create a local "copy" of your data, you can do so by selecting "Create Data Backup." If backing up your Smokeball data is important to you, be advised, depending on how much data you have in Smokeball, creating a local data back up make take a long time and use a lot of your computer resources.

Did you know...

  • You can easily drag documents and folders in and out of Smokeball to your desktop or other areas.
  • All data you enter into Smokeball is encrypted while you are actively working as well as when it is at rest (storage).
  • You own all data and you maintain ownership of all your data at all times. If you ever needed to get information out of Smokeball and were looking for the best practice, give us a call.
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