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Smokeball Settings: Email Marketing

Smokeball allows you to email market to your clients in a variety of ways. The easiest way to start email marketing is to start creating lists based off of Contact Tags within Smokeball. *Note: There is a additional fees outside of the monthly subscription fee to utilize Email Marketing.

Cost Per Campaign $10
Cost Per Email Recipient $0.05

If Email Marking is already enabled, you can see how to Campaign Monitor: Create a List or Campaign Monitor: Create a Campaign. For additional instructions outside what is provided, please view the campaign monitor tutorial articles.

 1. To Enable Email Marketing, navigate to the Email Marketing Settings and select which user will control.

2. On the Contact Area of Smokeball, select the email marketing button on the action bar on the top left

3. You will not be on a webpage that allows you to create campaigns/lists and track the results after you send the email out.

Did you know...

  • Contact Tagging can be used to create lists and export to excel.
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