Matter Configuration

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Smokeball Settings: Matter Configuration

Setting up specific matter configurations can help keep you more organized, but also take your Smokeball matters to the next level. Whether it is to get everyone  using the same regarding lines in emails and default folders, or if you find yourself needing specific things every time you are working in a matter, matter configuration will make organization and standardization even easier.

1. Navigate to the Matter Configuration settings in Smokeball Settings. To edit an existing matter configuration, double click on the specific matter you want to edit.

  • The image below shows matters that are already configured. The , means that I have entered information into those fields.


2. Select "Add New" to configure a New Matter Type


3. Continue to enter in important details to set up the configuration. The following pages walk through each tab under matter configuration separately.

**Note: (1) You must select a matter type to be able to save the matter configuration. Before entering information into the individual tabs, select a matter type.


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