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Google Chrome Extension

When you install Smokeball, you will enable an extension on Google Chrome. This feature is only available if you are using Google Chrome and not available on other web browsers. The extension allows you to save important websites directly into a matter.

The Smokeball Google Chrome toolbar also helps you e-file documents. To start e-filing with Smokeball, set up some Relevant URLs and you'll be able to e-file the documents from individual matters (Publish Online feature in Smokeball).

1. Navigate to Google Chrome Extension Toolbar from the top right of chrome.

2. The Google Chrome Toolbar allows you to Save the URL or Save a Page directly to a matter.

  • (1) Save the URL: Creates a new Note in Smokeball for quick access to the link
  • (2) Save the Page: Saves the website to the documents & email section of your digital file. *Note you can choose to save the file in a separate location as well. See the "Did you know" section below for a screen shot or watch the video above for instructions on how to do that.


Did you know...

    • Smokeball will convert a word document to a PDF automatically for you when you e-file documents online through our Publish Online feature.
  • You can Save a page to a separate folder in a Matter by designating the appropriate place


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  • Avatar
    Kristi Bodin

    I tried this today and it did not work?

  • Avatar
    Bob Bednarz

    Hi Kristi,

    I would give our help desk a call and have them take a look at it (855-668-3207) to make sure the feature is working correctly.

    The only time you should run into an issue is if the website blocks any 3rd party apps like Smokeball. We've found that some court websites and title websites doe not allow you to save directly to Smokeball and instead only allow you to save directly to your desktop/PC

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