Activity Intelligence - Matter Activity

*This feature is available exclusively to Smokeball Prosper users.

One of Smokeball's unique tools is the ability to keep track of every activity being done on a particular matter.

Activity Intelligence is similar to having an activity tracker like a fit bit or pedometer that helps you remember everything you are doing throughout the day including events, tasks, documents, emails, memos, and even matter administration.

Use Activity Intelligence to prevent missing any potential billable time for Smokeball Billing and understand firm profitability in Firm Insights.

How to review Activity Intelligence on any Matter

  • Navigate to the activity tab within a matter

  • From the Activity tab
    • (1) Print Activity or Export Activity to CSV.
    • (2) Change the date range or select a custom date range from the advanced filters.
    • (3) See all staff or select a specific staff member.
    • (4) See time spent or edit/add the duration of items.
    • (5) See a visual representation of all activities. Hover any of the charts for further detail.

Did You Know?

  • If not all your activity is listed, "refresh" to update the activity.

  • You can create additional activities that aren't already tracked in Smokeball by entering a separate activity.

  • You can choose to print the timeline with or without the chart.

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