Auto:Time Basics

Auto:Time uses all the powerful information captured by Activity Intelligence to make billing easier than it ever has.

Auto:Time will help you spend less time tracking time contemporaneously or going back to remember everything you did - Never manually track time again!

Auto:Time users bill 10-30% more since you'll be tracking more time in Smokeball.

With the help of Firm Insights, Smokeball can take your practice to the next level.

How Auto:Time Works

  • As your work, Activity Intelligence tracks time spent on Matter Administration, Events, Documents, Emails, Communicate, Memos, Ring Central Calls, and Tasks.

  • Every night, Auto:Time will take all your recorded activities in Activity Intelligence and automatically create time entries for you.
  • Auto:Time settings can be customized on a user level under Staff & Users. Review Enable Auto:Time for more information on these settings.

  • All Auto:Time entries can be edited real time through" pending entries" or prior to creating an invoice.
    • As a result, all your time entries will be ready and available to bill. Auto:Time users spend less time manually tracking time and trying to remember everything they did

  • Auto:Time works with Firm Insights to give you helpful profitability time.
    • Whether you bill based on time, a fixed fee, or contingency, Auto:Time can be a powerful tool for your practice.
    • Not sure if you are not tracking enough time? Discounting too much on invoices? Not collecting payments from clients? Firm Insights can help.

Did you know...

  • Auto:Time receive an email as soon as their AutoTime run has completed. The email will be sorted by matter including the entry duration and amount.
  • Auto:Time entries can be edited and modified before sending an invoice to a client. You can edit the date, description, duration, rate, amount. Note: these updates will not be reflected in Activity Intelligence and only in the time entry.
  • Auto:Time entries can be deleted
  • Auto:Time entries are NOT automatically billed
  • Auto:Time will run every night and create a time/fee entry for all activities performed the previous day. You can manually run Auto:Time for any activities not previously recorded from the Smokeball Home Screen
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