Auto:Time Do Not Bill

Smokeball's add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel offer the ability for users to mark their current activity as non-billable while they are doing the task.

  • When working in Word or Excel, the user will has access to a new button in the ribbon, “Billable?”.
  • If the user does not wish to bill for the time they are currently working on in the document they can simply toggle off the billable button and it will mark the pending fee item as non-billable.

In Outlook, when sending an email a “Billable?” checkbox is also available in the Smokeball toolbar. 

  • If users do not wish to charge for subsequent reads of an email (for example: they charge for the initial read but do not wish to continue charging every time they re-open it for reference), there is a new setting available in their staff card to “Only create billable entries on first email read”.
  • Upon selecting this, all emails after the first read will automatically be marked as non-billable.

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