AutoTime - Edit Pending & Previous Entries

It is very easy to edit upcoming (pending) AutoTime entries or already completed entries.

Follow the below steps for Pending or Previous AutoTime Entries.

How to Edit AutoTime Entries

  • Once an activity is capture by Activity Intelligence, AutoTime will create a Pending Entry.
    • This is very similar to if you were contemporaneously keeping track of your time, but now you do not have to take that extra step. Smokeball will capture everything you do for you!
  • From Time & Expenses, you will see [Pending] before any entries that will appear on the next AutoTime run.

  • Double click to open the pending and edit an individual. 
    • You can also choose to exclude any pending entry from the upcoming AutoTime run.
    • Note: this entry will remain a pending AutoTime entry until the next time AutoTime runs.

  • If you are editing a lot of pending entries, the best practice is to use the "Time Entry Review" located on the right side of Time & Expenses.

  • Time Entry Review will provide a split screen that will allow you easily tab through all the entries and give you a preview of what this entry will look like on your invoice.

  • You can use the date and staff filters to edit any previous AutoTime entries.

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