Auto:Time History Preview - Manual Entry

On Smokeball's Home Screen, you will see an Auto:Time button.

This can be used to access Auto:Time History, Auto:Time Preview, and Manually Run AutoTimeIf you need to edit entries, review Auto:Time: Edit Pending & Previous Entries for the best practices on how to edit entries.

Review AutoTime History
Preview AutoTime

Manually Run AutoTime

Review Auto:Time History

  • When you select the Auto:Time button, you will see Auto:Time history for the past 31 days.
  • If you want to review Auto:Time history prior to this, use the Time & Expenses tab.
  • Use the filter to toggle between staff members.

Auto:Time Preview

  • Auto:Time Preview allows you to review any activity that has "0 duration" or activities that have not been assigned to a matter.
    • This feature helps make sure you have assigned any potential activity to the proper matters and billed for all potential billable time.
    • (1) Select the filter and change filters
    • (2) Review or complete missing information. Note: You can choose to exclude any of these entries from this screen as well.

Manually Run Auto:Time

  • You may not use this feature often, but you can choose to manually run Auto:Time.
  • This is helpful when you do not want to wait until Auto:Time runs over night or there has been activity added retroactively that did not appear on previous Auto:Time entries.
  • Select Run Auto:Time and the desired date to convert any pending entries.

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