Billing August 2017 Release

Below are the release notes for August 2017.  Smokeball Billing now integrates with LawPay.

 Issue Type  Issue Key Summary
 New Feature  WI-2879 Reports: Last report is stored in memory
 Improvement  WI-2957 Invoice font size increased
 Improvement  WI-2914 Combine PDF: Allow user to use other parts of billing while PDFs are combining. Combine PDF bar now runs in a bar at bottom of the screen and does not lock user's session.
 Improvement  WI-2895 LawPay: After the payment is processed, included option to close the page after successful payment
 Improvement  WI-2896 LawPay: Payment receipt is now sent after making a payment via portal and via billing
 Bug  WI-2911 Expense entries missing from Time and Expense entries CSV report
 Bug  WI-2910 LawPay: Removed link shown on draft combined invoices
 Bug  WI-2909 LawPay: Resolved invoice link text overlapping with matter title
 Bug  WI-2908 LawPay: Removed invoice link when in "paid" state
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