Billing February 2018 Release

In the Smokeball Billing February 2018 release, you can now integrate Smokeball Billing with Xero  Accounting software. Learn more about the Xero Integration.

In addition, there are over 30+ feature refinements and bug fixes in the Smokeball Billing February 2018 Release. Below are some of the highlights of this release.

  • Xero Integration
    • Smokeball Billing now integrates with Xero for accounting purposes. The integration is similar to our current integration with QuickBooks.

  • Reporting Refinements
    • New filter for Receipts (credit), Payments (debit), and Transfers on the Account Balances Reports.

  • New Filters for Account Statement Report
    • Print View also includes Firm Logo, Report Name, and Issued date

  • Check Printing available from the draft invoice screen when paying with trust account balances

  • Bulk Print - Combine to PDF on all Invoice Filters
    • Combine in PDF available for Draft, Unpaid, Overdue, Paid, and Void invoices.

Additional Refinements and Bug Fixes

 Issue key  Issue Type Summary
 BB-441  Improvement QB/Xero integration - include over payments
 BB-442  Improvement Discounts on invoices only apply to Fees, not Expenses.
 BB-389  Improvement After the LawPay payment is processed, there is no close button or other option to close the page after successful payment
 BB-367  Improvement Invoice Screen Refinements
 BB-237  Improvement Improve UI when trust over-payment is entered before finalizing
 BB-500  Improvement When working with a contact from an organization, Billing will pull the organization address on an invoice.
 BB-505  Bug Print Filter option is now fixed for all reports.
 BB-548  Bug Contact shown in vendor payment modal "paid by" is incorrect when you have multiple parties funds available. 
 BB-547  Bug Account statement report CSV export totals do not align
 BB-543  Bug Account statement report issues
 BB-537  Bug Timers stay at 00:00
 BB-529  Bug Matter balances report incorrectly filters out matters
 BB-525  Bug Unable to Add Payment to Pending Matter Unpaid Invoices
 BB-508  Bug Finalize and pay invoice fails with certain amounts
 BB-504  Bug Account Statement > Balance is not calculating correctly
 BB-493  Bug Corporation Email Addresses Not Transferring from SB to Billing when sending an invoice
 BB-492  Bug Operating total on 'Accounts' page is incorrect
 BB-473  Bug Check printing not catered for in draft trust payment workflow
 BB-467  Bug Reports "AREA OF LAW" filter showing incorrect matter types
 BB-463  Bug Trust Receipts report column label change
 BB-406  Bug Remove the 'per hr' label from the Firm Settings > Activity > Fee screen
 BB-377  Bug Over-payment on invoice should not change Balance value
 BB-376  Bug Users can enter negative amounts in Payments and Deposits
 BB-342  Bug Invoice History report "Area of Law" not filtering as expected
 BB-316  Bug Entries created on the same date are listed in incorrect order - when sorted by oldest first
 BB-300  Bug Loading icon remains after editing entry from create invoices screen
 BB-208  Bug Remove "Reference" from transfer details.


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