Billing December 2017 Release

In the current Billing Release, there are 2 new features, refinements and/or fixes.  

Key feature highlights for this release;

BB-186           Trust Check printing: Firms now have the ability to print trust checks from within Smokeball Billing. Checks can be printed for Trust Payments, of type Check; and Invoice Payments using trust money can also be printed to check for both individual and split payments. Smokeball Billing supports Voucher and Standard check templates. Learn more about Trust Check printing.

BB-358           Reporting Refresh: The reports have had a review for consistency and accuracy and the key outcomes are as follows; All redundant white space has been removed to ensure more data can be viewed per page; All fonts have been increased for easier reviewing and reading; Table headings are now repeating on each page; Data is displaying in chronological order, old > new.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Help Desk at 855-668-3207.

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