Billing July 2017 Release

Below you will find the notes for Smokeball Billing July 2017 Release.

Issue Type Issue Key Summary
Bug WI-2848 Time entry dates out of order if invoices created in bulk 
Improvement WI-2847 New setting to include non-billable items to invoice by default
Improvement WI-2846 Ability to BCC sender when emailing an invoice
Improvement WI-2845 We don't need the progress bar when loading a single invoice
Improvement WI-2843 Make 'activity' in timesheets a drop down
New Feature WI-2841 Make 'date' column sortable on Operating and Trust accounts
Bug WI-2838 Undefined contact phone number 
Bug WI-2836 Matter and Contact ledger bottom totals not aligned
Bug WI-2835 Account Statement report csv sections reordered & missing transaction history account headings
Bug WI-2834 Progress Bar Updates for multiple invoices should reflect progress
Bug WI-2813 Finalized invoice fails to load with only non-billable entries
Improvement WI-2800  Add 'waived' column to Accounts Receivable Report (BB-241)
Bug WI-2796   Tab text not updating when tabs are closed. (BB-266)
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