Billing March 2018 Release

There are several new features, refinements, and bug fixes in the Smokeball Billing March 2018 release.

  • Reverse waived invoice
    • If you need to reverse the action of waiving an invoice, select "reverse."

  • Batch send unpaid invoices via email
    • Use the checkboxes to select specific invoices or select all invoices to batch email unpaid invoices

  • Check boxes available in invoices screen to combine into a PDF
    • By selecting the checkboxes, you can choose which invoices to combine into a PDF.

Key Type Summary
BB-341 Bug
Contact unpaid total is not updated until after payment
BB-386 Bug
Payments not showing up on the actual paid date
BB-581 Bug
Invoices being finalized more than once showing unusual characters.
BB-615 Bug
Batch emailing invoices erroring out when contact has multiple addresses
BB-456 Bug
Organization staff contacts in Smokeball not carrying over to billing contacts
BB-626 Bug
Account Statement not populating with time, fee or expense entries that are marked as paid
BB-621 Bug
Aging Summary not showing all unpaid invoices
BB-584 Bug
Can't manually add date on time entry- forced to use calendar
BB-582 Bug
Accounts- Trust and Operating balance Summaries are being calculated incorrectly
BB-574 Bug
Combined PDF Invoice characters appear incorrect with Lato size 12 font
BB-568 Bug
Comma in matter names cause CSV report export issues
BB-563 Bug
Permalink provided to Smokeball for billing invoice to avoid dead link in Smokeball
BB-552 Bug
Staff member filter error when generating Time & Expense report
BB-534 Bug
Billing occasionally not generating invoice for pending matters
BB-532 Bug
Email To field does not accept brackets
BB-527 Bug
Failed to load invoice' errors when you click on invoice settings for the first time
BB-520 Bug
Billing invoice settings causing an extra page in invoices
BB-497 Bug
Intermittently unable to finalize invoice and apply trust payment
BB-491 Bug
Remove trust Reconciliation & Deposit Slip tabs when trust account is disabled
BB-487 Bug
Account Balances report & Invoice Account Summary - some transaction wording was appearing incorrect
BB-458 Bug
Reports will not export PDF's when there is a very large amount of data
BB-444 Bug
Long load time on invoices screen
BB-403 Bug
Columns are disappearing when scrolling on matter list
BB-340 Bug
User taken to unpaid invoices list after finalizing non-billable invoice(s)
BB-338 Bug
Fee added to multiple invoices, invoice balances incorrect
BB-331 Bug
Long Subject line causes horizontal scroll of Time & Fees screen
BB-320 Bug
On Time, Fees & Expenses, Cannot see full activity name in lookup drop down.
BB-308 Bug
Fixed Fee edit window not opening from create invoices screen
BB-302 Bug
Date picker field appears off the screen, for bulk invoice creation
BB-299 Bug
No comma after city in address of debtor
BB-298 Bug
Inconsistent spacing of invoice entries.
BB-283 Bug
Remove unnecessary firm details formatting options
BB-282 Bug
Validation for firm details when user copy and pastes into the field, is missing
BB-216 Bug
Summary text not shown after writing off all time and fee entries
BB-215 Bug
Time and Fees activity chart covers Activity list when zoomed in
BB-196 Bug
Filter out staff members and groups of people from contact selectors
BB-183 Bug
Former staff members displayed in Billing
BB-182 Bug
Deleted contacts still appear in Billing
BB-78 Bug
Column sorting on date in time and expenses doesn't hold after closing tab
BB-60 Bug
When saving an invoice as final, not all summary information is being updated. Some invoice summary information like payments appears to be 1 entry behind sync.
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