Billing Matter Basics

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Once you open a matter, there are a variety of helpful features that can help you manage time and billing for a client.

How to navigate a matter in Smokeball Billing

  • Everything you need for Billing for that Matter is located in one place.
    • (1) Matter information including client name, matter type, reference number, etc.
    • (2) High-level overview of your matter. Note: if using Evergreen Retainer for Trust and amounts fall below minimum balance, the values turn "red." 
    • (3) Matter tabs to review, edit, and create time, fees, expenses, invoices, and transactions to trust or operating accounts.


  • Each Matter has a variety of tabs.
Time & Fees

Review, edit, and create new time/fee entries. Learn more about Time & Fee Entry.



Review, edit, and create new expense entries. Learn more about Expense Entry.



Review, edit, and create new, and add payments to invoices. The Matter Invoices Tab will only show relevant invoices for that specific matter. Smokeball has an Invoices View where you can manage invoices across all Matters. Learn more about creating invoices.



Manage the trust and operating account for an individual Matter including deposits, payments, and credit card requests. Smokeball integrates with LawPay for credit card transactions. Learn more about Depositing Funds into Trust or Operating Retainer.



How to edit a matter in Smokeball Billing

  • Start by clicking the Edit Matter settings gear under the matter title. 
Matter Details

Review and edit matter details such as matter status and matter description.



Review and edit Attorney Responsible, Person Assisting, or Originating Attorney on a matter.



Review, edit, and add clients, debtors, and opposing parties on a matter. Here you have the ability to create new contacts to add to a matter, as well as add, view, and edit existing contacts (1). The View link will open the contact page in a new tab and upon closing the tab will return you to the Edit Matter screen. The Edit link will display a pop-up box allowing you to edit details without leaving the page. 


Billing Fees and Rates

Select and edit the matter's billing type and billing rate. In this setting you can override the default rate for the matter by individual staff member or for all staff. 


Trust Retainer

Activate the evergreen retainer on a matter and set the minimum threshold and replenishment amounts. If you do not see this option, go to our article on Evergreen Retainers to learn how to activate this feature.


Late Payment

Set interest on matters with outstanding balances, including any grace period and the date you want the interest to start calculating. Learn more about Interest



Enable UTBMS/LEDES billing on a matter and enter the Firm ID, Matter ID, Client Matter ID, and Timekeeper Classification code. If you do not see this option, go to our article on UTBMS to learn how to activate this feature.


Email Settings

Use Email Settings to cc and bcc email addresses on an individual matter. Please refer to our article on adding CC and BCC email addresses for more detailed information.  


Invoice Settings

Review and edit certain invoice settings for a matter including the invoice template, title, subtitle, eInvoices, and notes. Learn more about Invoice Settings.  



Did You Know

  • Smokeball Billing allows you to have multiple matters open at one time creating various matter windows at the top of Smokeball Billing.


  • Smokeball Billing allows you to view deleted matters and provides a "Restore Matter" option. When selected, this will change the matter status from Deleted to Open.

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