Billing Release April 2018

Below are the new features, refinements, and bug fixes in the April 2018 billing release

Mark previous items as billed for transitioning to billing

Evergreen Retainer

Edit Finalized Invoice

Default Debtor

Mark previous items as billed for transitioning to billing with Smokeball

  • When starting to bill with Smokeball for the first time, you may have previous entries whether manually entered or through Auto:Time that still show as unbilled.
  • This feature allows you to mark any previous entries as previously billed and you can start billing in Smokeball on a specific date without worrying about including previous entries.
  • Note: Once you mark previous entries as billed, you cannot reverse this process. Be sure you've double checked the appropriate start date so all relevant unbilled entries will appear on your first invoice.
  • From settings, select "Billing Utilities."
    • Choose the date range for entries you want to mark as billed and select run.

Evergreen Retainer

  • You now have the ability to use an Evergreen Retainer and send trust deposit requests to clients to maintain an minimum threshold for their trust account.
    • The initial version is a beta version and will include additional refinements in following releases.
  • You must first activate Evergreen Retainer in your Trust settings before using this feature. To learn more about how to set up an Evergreen Retainer, review Evergreen Retainer.

Edit Finalized invoice

  • Any finalized invoice can now be edited and put back into "Draft" with one click.
  • From any invoice, select "Edit."
  • This will move the invoice back into "Draft" status. After editing, you can choose to save as a draft or finalize and send the invoice to your client.

Default Debtor

  • In many matters, the party responsible for paying an invoice is not your client.
  • Although it is possible to change the debtor on individual invoices, it is now possible to set a default debtor for all invoices in relation to a matter.
    • You still have the ability to change the debtor for an invoice individually as well, but this feature will save time having to do it every time.

Key Refinements and Bug Fixes

Key Type  Summary
  Refinement  Draft invoices all will include a watermark
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