Billing Release August 2018

Below are the highlighted new features and refinements in the Smokeball Billing August 2018 Release. 

Past Due Balance Reminders

  • This feature is available on limited release in August 2018. Reach out to your Account Manager on how to get early access to this feature.
  • Smokeball Billing now has the ability to send past due reminders to clients with no new balance.
  • This feature is helpful for any clients that do not require a new invoice to be sent out.
  • Once activated, a "Reminders" tab will be available in the invoices area.
    • (1) There are a variety of filters available to use including overdue by a certain number of days, attorney responsible, or balance overdue to narrow down which reminders you want to send
    • (2) Select which past due invoices to send reminders to
    • (3) Choose "combine in PDF" for printing or downloading to send or "email reminder" to email directly from Smokeball Billing.

  • Once a Reminder has been sent, the "Last Reminder" column will show the date the reminder was last sent.
    • Select the three dots to preview, view, or email a reminder for an idividual item

  • If a client has several past due invoices, select the arrow to see more detail and select individual invoices.

  • Below is an example of what a Past Due Invoice Reminder looks like

Time & Expense Refinements in Smokeball Version 5.3

  • When exporting Time & Expense entries, the description is now included in the export.

  • Subject field auto completes based off of activity codes when entering time, fee, or expenses.

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