Billing Release August 2021

Below are the highlighted new features and convenience updates released in August 2021 for Smokeball Billing. 

Billing on Leads

Convenience Updates

Billing on Leads

  • Smokeball now supports the ability to bill on a Lead, without having to first convert that Lead to a Matter. 
  • Smokeball firms can now charge their potential-clients for a consultation fee or receive trust money right from their consultation meeting. 
  • Please Note: You must add an internal reference number to a lead in order to make the Lead available to Smokeball Billing. This can be done by going to the Lead in question > double clicking on the "Info" matter detail: 

  • > Click the "assign internal reference" option

  • Once the Internal Reference Number has been assigned the user will be able to create an invoice for this Lead in Smokeball Billing. 

  • Billing on a Lead functions like  billing on a Matter. The icon on the Lead will be an "L" instead of an "M" to indicate a Lead: 

Convenience Updates

  • The following Convenience updates and changes are now available in Smokeball Billing: 
    • A date range has been added to the Check view within the Accounts view:

  • The Invoice List View now includes a "Finalized On" date filter. This allows users the ability to filter invoices by the date the invoice was finalized:

  • The "Trial Balance Report" in Smokeball Billing has been renamed to "Trust Balances".
  • Transactions and entries will now be sorted by newest to oldest. 
  • A "Status" filter has been added to the "Invoice History" report in Smokeball billing. 
  • The version number of the user's installation of Smokeball is now visible from the bottom left corner of Smokeball, below the Smokeball logo:


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