Billing Release January 2019

When prompted, make sure you have upgraded to Smokeball Version 5.6 to utilize every feature in the January 2019 Billing Release. All Smokeball Billing updates will be automatically applied.

Below are the new features and refinements released in Smokeball Billing in January 2019:

Originating Attorney


Consolidated Billing

AutoTime Update for Email Threads

Account Adjustments

Originating Attorney

  • Originating Attorney has been added as a potential field in Matter Info to populate income reporting available in Smokeball Billing.
  • This setting can be set in Smokeball Billing or the Smokeball desktop application under Matter Info


  • LEDES /UTBMS is now available to be activated for matters that require ABA tasks codes.
  • LEDES / UTBMS can be enabled for matters in the Smokeball Desktop Application or Smokeball Billing. 
  • LEDES / UTBMS must be enabled first in Smokeball settings.
  • Note: Auto:Time will automatically be disabled for matters with LEDES billing turned on.
  • Learn more about LEDES / UTBMS in Smokeball

Consolidated Billing

  • It is possible to combine invoices for one client and include a cover letter with total due.
  • From the Invoices view, select which invoices you want to combine into a PDF by selecting the check boxes
  • Choose to "combine into PDF" or "combine in PDF with Cover Letter"
    • Combine into PDF: combines all selected invoices into 1 PDF
    • Combine in PDF with Cover Letter: includes a cover letter with combined totals for the combined invoices for each debtor
  • Learn more about Consolidated Billing

Auto:Time Update: Email Threads Combined Option

  • Auto:Time users now have the option to choose to group all emails related to a client as one group per day or by email chains per day
  • Auto:Time email settings are located in the individual user's billing settings under Staff & Users
  • For example: if you have 2 email chains with one client on a day, Smokeball will record 2 activities for emails based off the email chains. If this option is turned off, all emails regardless of email chain will be combined into one activity record.

Account Adjustments

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