Billing Release July 2019

Below are the new features and refinements released in Smokeball Billing in July 2019

Invoice Templates

Search Improvements

Create Invoice Screen Filters

Toggling Invoice Statuses

Bulk Delete Drafts

Invoice Templates

  • In invoice settings, you can now make invoice templates for certain areas of law.
  • Select "add new," change any desired settings, and select save at the bottom of the page to create a invoice template.

  • To assign a matter to a specific invoice template, scroll down in matter settings, select the desired template, and save.

  • Once created, settings for any invoice template can be changed by selecting the template name.
    • The selected template will appear in darker blue.

Search Improvements

  • Smokeball Billing can now search search by first name to find matters associated with that contact. So when you search "Sam," you'll see matters with a contact named Sam, as well as the actual contacts. 

Create Invoice Screen Filters

  • We continue to make bulk billing easier with adding new filters to include unpaid fees and expenses by area of law, retainer balances,  or matter status. 

Toggling by Invoice Status

  • Toggles have been added to invoice statuses to give you the ability to create combined PDFs across multiple statuses as well as see all of the invoices that you have within a matter or within certain filters. These toggles are available on the main invoice screen and the matters.

Bulk Deleting Drafts

Simply select the drafts you want to delete and then click delete drafts. After clicking there will be a modal to confirm or cancel, and if you proceed the time and fees will be released back to be put on a new draft invoice.

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