Billing Release June 2019

Below are the highlighted new features and refinements in the Smokeball Billing June 2019 Release.

Income Allocation Report

Account Statement Refinements

Invoice Reminders Refinements

Finalized Invoice Filters Refinements

Invoice Refinements

Income Allocation Report

  • The Income Allocation report has been updated to help you track work being brought in by originating attorney or timekeeper.
  • This report can also be used to identify where to allocate collected payments.
  • Use the filters to generate the report. Reports can be downloaded as a .CSV or PDF.

  • Once generated, below is an example of what a report can look like.

  • Note: Interest is excluded from the Income Allocation report. Partial payments will be applied pro rata to timekeepers and to fees versus expenses.
  • To ensure accuracy of the Income Allocation report, the best practice is to make sure appropriate users are designated in Matter Info under each matter.

Account Statement Refinements

  • We have added several additions to Account Statements in reporting.
  • Create account statements for closed matters using improved search drop down

  • Timekeeper initials have been added when "show fees and expenses" is selected

  • Add ledger to account statements using the filter.

Invoice Reminders Refinements

  • Invoice Reminders have been updated to show past due balance on the original bill, interest accrued (if applicable), amount paid, and amount outstanding.

  • Invoice Reminders can be sent to any matter status (including closed matters) by using the updated filters.

Finalized Invoice Filters Refinements

  • New filters have been added to finalized invoices to included matter status, matter type, retainer balance, and billing type
  • To minimize any filters, select the arrow. Smokeball Billing will remember the filters you select to customize your billing experience and make bulk billing actions easier than ever before.

Invoice Refinements

You spoke, we listened! We have updated our invoices to give you access to the original copy of the invoice that you sent your client, as well as improved communication of payments received on the invoices.

  • Moving forward, all new invoices that you finalize will stay true to the invoice you created, and will not continuously update as interest accrues or payments are made.
  • Your older invoices will continue to function as before, updating with new payments and balances are due.



  • Continuously updates with payments, interest, and prior balances
  • Payments reflect on the invoice they’re paying, but not on the most recent invoice
  • Won’t update unless it is moved back to draft mode
  • Shows payments made since the last invoice
  • Always have access to the original copy that you sent to your client!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What about my old invoices? Can I get an original copy of what I created before you made this update?
    • This update only applies for invoices moving forward. This decision was made firstly to avoid disrupting billing too much, as well as because it would have taken us months longer to get this fantastic update over to you!
  • How do I know if an invoice is one of the new, original invoices?
    • The key giveaway is that the regenerate button has disappeared, because it’s no longer necessary. The invoice doesn’t regenerate anymore because it’s retaining the information of the amount due at the time of finalization.
  • What happens if I edit my older invoices which were previously finalized?
    • The invoice upon re-finalizing will be locked. Prior
  • If I forward date my issued date and the debtor is accruing interest, how does that work?
    • The interest due will reflect as of finalization date; if you want it to reflect the full balance due upon the issued date, the invoice will have to be finalized on the same date as the issued date. This is because the interest isn’t due yet upon finalizing and is typical for invoicing.
  • When/how do payments appear on the invoice?
    • When making trust or operating retainer payments upon finalization, the payment will appear below the subtotal line and the payment summary table:

When making payments after finalization (trust, check, etc), the payments will appear in the Prior balances section of the totals section as well as the payment summary table, which will show any payments made since the last invoice or retainer balances used upon finalizing. The payments since last invoice is based on the last finalized date, so any payments made since the prior invoice was finalized for that debtor will show on the next invoice.

  • What if my client needs a real time update of the amount due?
    • We have the Account Statement available, which now offers the ability to add the ledger as well to capture all payment types.

  • We also have the invoice reminders available for debtors who are past due but also are not receiving an invoice. These have been updated to reflect payments as well as can be created for all matter statuses now

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