Billing Release May 2018

Below are the new features, refinements, and bug fixes in the May 2018 billing release.

Operating Account Renamed to Operating Retainer

Evergreen Retainer Refinements

Operating Account Renamed to Operating Retainer (Refinement)

  • Operating Account has been renamed to "Operating Retainer" in a matter and on the global view on the left hand side.

Evergreen Retainer Refinements

  • Refinements have been made on recently released Evergreen Retainer in Smokeball Billing.
  • In Evergreen Retainer settings, users can choose to send a email copy of Evergreen Retainer requests.

  • Additional sorting options have been added to the Evergreen Requests tab within Accounts.

Additional Refinements and Bugs

Key Type Summary
BB-736 Bug Auto:Time entries with 0 minute durations should not appear on an invoice.
BB-736 Bug Intermittent issue: items marked as billed, but the unbilled amount in invoices is not reducting.
BB-659 Bug Time and Expenses Entries report was slow to generate and download for large amounts of transactions.



When lawpay is enabled, it sends the retainer request email via lawpay, and it wasn't updating the last request timestamp.



When reconciling the trust account, if a filter was used that hid any selected transactions, the reconciliation would fail.



Invoice history and AR reports has incorrect groupings (all matter titles, followed by all invoice history tables) and showing invoices not related to the debtor. The report will now show: 

  1. Debtor 
    1. Matter 
      1. Only Invoices for the matter that belong to the debtor
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