Billing Release October 2020

Below are the highlighted new features and refinements released in October 2020 for Smokeball Billing.

Multiple Default Debtors 

Custom Invoice Notes

Email Templates

Multiple Default Debtors 

  • Smokeball now has the ability to add up to three default debtors to a matter or on an individual invoice. 
  • Smokeball Billing will send separate emails to each debtor and will track last sent for each debtor. 
  • The ability to add multiple default debtors can be helpful in matters where the attorney or firm represents multiple parties in the matter, such as mediation in family law. 
  • Default Debtors can be applied in the following locations: 
    • Matter settings on the desktop app: 


  • In Smokeball Billing via web browser: 

  • And in Smokeball Billing at the Invoice Draft Screen: 

  • Invoices will populate contacts in the order that they were input: 

Custom Invoice Notes 

  • Smokeball Billing now includes the ability to include custom notes on each invoice. 
  • Existing custom notes are now editable at a matter level and can be edited for that matter. Changes would then apply on newly created draft invoices: 

  • Custom Notes are available from the draft invoice page. If there is an existing matter level or invoice template custom note it can be overwritten at this stage: 

Custom Email Templates

  • Smokeball Billing now includes the ability to have custom Email Templates: 

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