Billing September 2017 Release

In the current Smokeball Billing Release, there are 5 new features, refinements and/or fixes:

BB-364           Trust Deposit Receipts : Smokeball Billing will now produce a receipt on deposit of funds into the Trust account that can be printed or emailed to the payor. Learn more about setting up Trust Deposit receipts.

BB-321           Invoice Payment Payor List : When adding a payment to an invoice, the ‘Type’ field now contains all Trust and Operating Payor amounts available. On selection of a trust or operating amount, the ‘Paid by’ field will prepopulate with the correct contact name. See image below.

BB-322           Invoice ‘Pay Now’ screen refresh : On click of the ‘pay now’ option for Trust or Operating account retainers within a finalised invoice, the screen displayed is now as per ‘Add Payment’ button. This screen also enables the user to select from all Operating and Trust Payor amounts as per BB-321, above.

Other release inclusions;

The following reported issues were resolved in this release;

BB-398           Updated ‘Combine in PDF’ draft invoice button to combine very large quantities of documents, e.g. 1000+.

BB-387           Enabled text wrapping in the invoice document for firm address, to cater for long addresses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Help Desk at 855-668-3207.


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