Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing is helpful when you have a client or debtor with multiple invoices.

This feature allows you to combine all invoices related to a client in one PDF and include a cover letter.

The cover letter combines the total due for all fees, expenses, interest, total paid, and total balance due, but also attaches the individual invoices.

How to use Consolidated Billing

  • Under Invoices, select the invoices you wish to combine by selecting the check boxes
  • Note: by organizing your invoices list by debtor, it is easy to select the appropriate invoices

  • Choose to "combine into PDF" or "combine in PDF with Cover Letter"
    • Combine into PDF: combines all selected invoices into 1 PDF
    • Combine in PDF with Cover Letter: includes a cover letter with combined totals for the combined invoices for each debtor

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