Contact Types

Each time you add a person, entity, or trust to Smokeball, the details are saved to a contact card. Smokeball remembers all the details for future use.

There are different Contact Types to use based on what type of party you are working with. This article walks through the Contact Types.

Review  Contact Best Practices for more information on how to best manage your Contacts in Smokeball.

Smokeball Contact Types

Person Choose this Contact Type when the party you are entering is an individual.
Firm/Business/Organization Choose if the contact is an entity, law office, solo attorney, etc. (other than a trust). Add owners, employees, or other individuals acting on its behalf to the contact card by selecting "add another person." You can also edit the legal role ("business role") under the contact card.
Trust Choose if the entity you are entering is a Trust


  • Remember to always include a title when adding a Person— that information is used to assign gender for Document Automation.

  • To access the advanced view, a contact name must be entered. Double-clicking a contact after creating it will pull up the Advanced View, allowing you to add even more contact details.

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